What is the best way to contact Direct Performance Solutions?

The best way would be going to our contact page by clicking here.

How do I know what I will need when changing the pulley combination on my supercharged CTS-V/ZL1 Camaro?

Click HERE for correct combinations and belt lengths needed for those combinations.

What is needed for a basic LSX camshaft swap?

To do a basic camshaft swap the necessary items are:

1) BTR Camshaft

2) Basic Cam Install Kit

3) *Push Rods

4) 3 bolt timing gear W/ARP hardware if coming from a single bolt camshaft

5) **BTR valve springs. (Unless using a BTR truck camshaft)

Parts that are recommended to change while doing the swap:

1) Lifters

2) Head gaskets

3) Timing chain

4) Oil pump

*Push rod length needs to be measured with a push rod length checker. If you do not have one, they can be purchased under our “tools” section.

**When choosing valve springs titanium retainers are always recommended over steel.

We have many brands and different options to choose from when putting together a cam kit, if you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us!

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