Properly set up nitrous systems are not “cheap & quick” like many have made them out to be. Nitrous is also not a dangerous and sure way to blow your engine up as portrayed in The Fast & The Furious. As a matter of fact: Nitrous Oxide isn’t even flammable! N20 has unfairly been deemed dangerous over the last 20 years due to many trying to set up bare bone, cheap set ups. Anyone that has been into automotive performance for any length of time has heard the saying, “Fast, cheap, reliable….pick 2”. With recent advances in technology, N20 can be set up very safely even on a stock LSX engine. Nitrous Outlet has done an excellent job developing vehicle specific applications for many popular models. If that isn’t good enough, Nitrous Outlet also offers custom pre-made wiring harnesses making installation extremely painless!

            Featured electronics to make your Nitrous Outlet system as safe as possible:

  • Innovate PowerSafe N20 GaugeThis gauge monitors Air/Fuel ratio, bottle pressure & RPM. After programming AFR minimum/maximum and bottle pressure minimum, this gauge will not let your kit spray if either parameter is not within spec. Monitoring RPM allows you to use this gauge as a window switch if desired. With a digital AFR readout it’s a win/win because there is no need to buy a separate gauge just for a wideband.

It should be noted, when spraying nitrous you need to pull timing in one way or another. The cheap way to do it is with your HPtuners software however, when driving around naturally aspirated you will be down on power. The LNC-2000 can be programmed to pull timing when the nitrous system has been armed. This device also doubles as a 2-step launch controller.


“How much can I safely spray on my stock LSX engine” is most likely the most popular question we hear from customers here at Direct Performance Solutions. Unfortunately there is no concrete answer to that question due to many factors that play into the scenario. First and foremost make sure your engine is in good health. Second, some engines are known to be stronger than others for example: Gen 3 5.3 is weaker than Gen 4 5.3 because of inferior connecting rods. With a properly set up nitrous system that has been installed and tuned correctly we generally recommend owners not exceed a 150 shot on the stock internals. Nitrous oxide is not a sure fire way to blow up your car and can be an efficient power adder when set up and used correctly.

            If you have questions in putting together a nitrous system for your vehicle feel free to send an email to