04 – 06 GTO Polyurethane Engine Mounts Creative Steel


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Product Description

Our GTO Polyurethane Engine Mounts are a direct replacement for worn factory mounts. They will fit just like the factory mounts with no other modifications but are stiffer than the factory mounts which make them a good compromise between expensive/soft factory mounts and solid mounts.

What sets Ultra Mounts urethane mounts apart from our competition is our engine mounts have a two-part interlocking steel framework encased in urethane to give engine support in both directions of twist. When the engine tries to twist under acceleration the drivers side of the engine tries to lift, putting that mount in tension (pull apart) and the passenger side mount in compression (push together). Then when you gear down into a corner or to stop, these forces are reversed. Ultra Mounts are correctly designed and take both of these forces into account.

BUYER BEWARE; some urethane engine mounts sold on the market today have only bolts sticking out each end with nothing to keep them from ripping out of the urethane when these forces are applied to the engine mounts.