04 – 06 GTO Solid Engine Mount Ultra Mounts Creative Steel



Product Description

These GTO Solid Engine Mounts are a direct bolt-in replacement for worn stock mounts. They will fit just like the factory mount with no other modifications required. If you are looking at solid mounts you already know the benefits and how they reduce engine movement to an absolute minimum which allows all the horsepower to be used at the rear wheels instead of being absorbed by drive train flex.

As with all solid motor mounts, the vibrations of the engine will be transferred into the vehicle. If your car is street driven and/or a daily driver we recommend you to see our polyurethane engine mounts. While stiffer than the factory mounts they will isolate much of the engines vibrations without transferring into the vehicle.

They are also strong enough to hold the most powerful of engines in place. What sets Ultra Mounts solid mounts apart from other manufactures are the materials used and how they are designed. Ultra Mounts use one piece of the highest quality threaded rod which is threaded through the entire length of the aluminum portion of the mount and Loctited in place. How this makes Ultra Mounts better than others on the market is..

#1) the threaded studs you see coming out of each end of the mounts are actually ONE piece, which means there is no load on the aluminum threads that hold it in position, the threaded rod must be “stretched” to its breaking point in order to fail, very difficult.

#2) with the threaded rod being permanently attached to the aluminum section the mount, the mount can be installed much easier, just like the factory mounts. Other mounts that have a separate bolt from the aluminum section can be difficult to install.

You must line up the engine motor mount bracket and the aluminum mount with the hole in the vehicles chassis before the bolt will go through all three pieces. Don’t forget that you are moving the engine around trying to get these holes to line up on the both sides at the same time. Ultra Mounts on the other hand are installed like the factory mounts, bolt the mounts to the engine brackets and lower the engine into position. This will save you a lot of time and suffering during install.