04-07 CTS-V Adjustable Toe Rod


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Product Description

These CTS-V Adjustable Toe Rods are stiffer than the OEM units which will maintain the toe settings of the rear tires and wheels better than the original 1/2″ diameter factory installed units under hard cornering and braking. The factory units also come with very soft bushings in both ends which allows even more deflection under load.

Our Toe Rods feature:

  1. 90A urethane bushings which are considerably stiffer than the factory bushings.
    • They are replaceable if they become worn
    • Stiffer bushings are available
  2. Our Toe Rods are easy to adjust while installed on the car. We put the adjuster in the center  of the rod where it is accessible to your alignment mechanic. Other Toe Rods on the market, have the length adjusters on the ends which are very difficult to adjust once installed (which is when the adjustment needs to be done) due to how the inboard end on the rod fits in the CTS sub-frame.
  3. Our Toe Rods have grease zerks installed  that channel  grease to the bushings at each end of the rods. Squeaking and premature wear  can occur if bushings are run dry for prolonged periods of time. Our Toe Rod design allows the bushings to be greased quickly without disassembly.
  4. Zinc and powder coat finishes to prevent corrosion

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