04-07 CTS-V Grease-able Front Sway Bar Bushings Creative Steel


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Product Description


These bushings are a direct replacement for worn factory installed sway bar bushings. They are made of high quality polyurethane and are also a bit stiffer than the stock units. Unlike the factory bushings, these bushings have grease ports cast into the urethane and are designed to be greased periodically while installed on the car to prevent squeaking when the vehicle encounters bumps in the road.

NOTE: In order to grease these bushings after installation, the factory bushing brackets must be drilled and tapped for grease zerks. If you are interested in modified brackets with zerks, please call.

If you hear clunking noises coming from the front suspension of your car when you hit bumps in the road, worn sway bar bushings are the probable cause. Worn sway bar bushings allow the sway bay to move and flex in ways that are unintended causing excessive “body roll” when cornering. These sway bar bushings will force the sway bar to perform as intended, making the vehicle more rigid and stable during cornering without changing ride comfort.