04-07 CTS-V SHIFTER BUSHINGS Creative Steel


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Product Description

Poly bushings-

Made of high quality polyurethane, these CTS-V Shifter Bushings replace the OEM rubber bushings on the shifter housing support rods, made with a shoulder at one end and a slit for ease of installation.

Bronze/Stainless bushings-

This 3 piece kit completely replaces the OEM plastic bushings, bolt sleeve, and O-rings on the bottom of the OEM Shifter.

The bushings are machined out of durable Bearing Bronze on a CNC precision lathe giving the perfect fit every time. The new metal bolt sleeve is cut out of 316 Stainless Steel to provide the best corrosion resistance.

* Must be modified for Katech shifters. Please tell us at check out (comments) you are installing in a Katech shifter and we will modify before we ship out.

Additional information

Shifter bushings

Poly shifter support rod bushings $25, Bronze and Stainless shifter linkage bushings $60, Both $75