09-15 CTS-V Adjustable Short Throw Shifter Creative Steel


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Product Description

Our 2009-2015 CTS-V Adjustable Short Throw Shifter completely replaces the top half of the OE shifter while maintaining the mounting design and fit.  There is no cutting, grinding or modifications that are necessary with installing this shifter; all factory retainers, boots, and trim pieces are reused.

The biggest difference between our shifter and others is the adjustability; we designed our shifter to be adjustable for several reasons. Many CTS-V owners like the throw of the OE shifter and many do not. What both groups agree on is that a shifter should feel solid in the car and be a precision mechanism connecting the driver to the transmission allowing accurate shifts either on the way to work or on the track. Our goal was to produce one mechanism that appealed to both groups.

We also made the shifter adjustable because one size does not fit all. Other short throw shifters are designed to have a certain percentage of reduction in shifter throw that is non-adjustable. At Creative Steel, we don’t like the “take it or leave it, this is the way we make it” point of view. With a Creative Steel shifter the customer can fine-tune the shifter to their needs with ease.

The percentage of reduction in total throw (length of shift between 3rd to 4th) can range from 20% past 35%, while knob height can range from stock height to 2″ shorter. All of this adjustment can be easily accomplished inside of the center console by only needing to remove the shifter boot.

The Creative Steel Adjustable Shifter is made robust enough that it will last the life of the car with little to no maintenance. If by chance the shifter ever feels worn, the tension mechanism on the pivot ball may be tightened several times before new Delrin bushings are required.  If the bushings ever are required, they are readily available inexpensively.

The shifter can come with either a machined stick for the stock knob or a threaded stick for an aftermarket knob(does not come with a boot retainer).  All our sticks contain a vibration dampener like the OE unit to reduce vibrations transmitted to the driver, yet still maintaining a solid feel.  The sticks can also be changed later easily inside the center console.


  • Replaces the OE shifter with zero modifications
    • All factory retainers, boots, and trim pieces are reused
  • Vibration damper built into the stick
  • Choice of machined stick for stock knob or threaded for aftermarket
  • Rebuildable
  • Throw and stick height easily adjustable inside center console
  • 20% – 35% reduction in throw
  • Delrin pivot ball bushings
  • Comes with a new shifter cup bushing