AEM Universal Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Device w/ 1/4″ SAE Fittings


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Water/Methanol Injection Kit
Use this kit to reduce air inlet temperatures, thus increasing boost pressure (or timing advance on forced induction gas vehicles). It works by allowing you to determine the water/methanol mixture up to 50%.

Kit Contents

  • 1-gallon or 5-gallon tank (also available without a tank)
  • Boost-dependent variable controller
  • Recirculation-style 150 psi pump
  • Fluid level sensor
  • Mounting hardwareHighlights
  • One injector and two nozzles to cover a wide range of HP levels
  • “Boost Safe” feature enables boost reduction or timing retard if the system runs out of fluid or detects an error
  • LED dash light provides system status/warning
  • Upgraded recirculation-style pump with Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM seals offers reliability and smoother, quieter operation
  • Pump delivers fluid consistently for optimal performance and withstands the harshest of alcohol mixesV2 Injector Kits
  • V2 injector kits contain the new Boost Dependent controller. It features large adjustment knobs, integrate harness plug and fuse, and covered status light and test button for added protection. They normal V2 Injector Kits feature internal MAP sensors, whereas the Multi-Input V2 Injectors are designed for external MAP sensors and 0-5v voltage-based MAF sensors.