Airaid 2015-16 Ford Mustang 5.0L Race Style Intake System




  • Bolt On Horsepower and Torque in Minutes
  • Works with Factory Tune, but Custom Computer Tune Recommended
  • Maximum Unrestricted Airflow
  • 1300 CFM Capable Track Day Series Oiled Filter
  • Large 4” Diameter Tubing
  • All Required Hardware Included

Maximum Airflow
Following up AIRAID’s successful MXP Series Cold Air Intakes for late-model Mustangs, AIRAID now offers new Race-Style Cold Air Dam Intake Systems for the 2015 5.0L GT. AirAid’s race-style intake systems deliver what racers demand, maximum unrestricted airflow to the engine. Even though these new systems will work with the factory tuning, they are designed to support the additional airflow requirements of other performance modifications.

Engineered for Quality and Performance
The Race-Style intakes start with Cold Air Dam Panels that take the place of your factory intake box. The containment panels keep the filter isolated from hot engine compartment air while providing a large forward-facing area to draw in cool outside air. Finished with blade-style weatherstripping positioned along panel tops seals against the hood to further isolate the filter from hot air. The system includes a large Track Day Series oiled filter, which is capable of flowing over 1300 cfm.

Designed to maximize airflow and eliminate restrictions, the 5.0L intake tube measures 4” in diameter at the throttle body to accommodate an aftermarket throttle body, and also has a specially formed venturi to ensure accurate MAF sensor readings.

Because of the open-element design of the Cold Air Dam panels, AirAid recommends this intake only be used in controlled dry track conditions, and strongly recommends the use of a pre-filter if used in wet environments. The Race-Style kit also includes block off caps for both firewall and intake tube to delete the sound tube feature. All AirAid kits are proudly Made in USA. Each kit comes complete with hardware easy to read instructions and the AirAid exclusive no hassle warranty plan.


  • 2015-16 Mustang GT