AP Stainless Steel Long tube Headers 14-16 C7 Corvette


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The Corvette is easily one of the most iconic American muscles cars of all time. Year after year the designers push the limits and the C7 is one for books. Its new sleek style screams aggression. The large power plant under the bonnet is more likely to scream its self, and here at Agency Power we wanted to help this beast capitalize on this. We recently designed a set of long tube race headers and catless x-pipe. The race headers designed for optimized exhaust gas flow and maximum power, while the x-pipe designed for minimum scavenging. The weight saving as are of almost 50lbs, however this product is recommended for track/off-road use only.  Agency Power is recognized worldwide as an aftermarket the leader in complete exhaust system upgrades built with the highest quality, designed for optimal flow to produce amazing sound and powerful gains. Pair these items with one our other Agency Power products such as  our rear muffler section for the best results.