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When running higher boost levels with pulley changes, the compressed air produces more heat which robs horsepower. Even with with stock boost levels the air intake temps can see 190 degree or more after just a few pulls or at the top of the track. The denser the intake air, the more efficient the supercharger will be and the more power you will make. Whether you just street drive your car or bracket race on the weekends, no matter if you have a stock heat exchanger and pump or an aftermarket setup. The Big 3 Racing heat exchanger tank allows for 1.7 gallons of additional cooling capacity to the system and the ability to fill with ice at the track for air intakes below ambient. Dyno tests have shown improvements of 30 wheel hp with just coolant and 40+ hp when ice is added!
Tank Information:
1.7 Gallons of extra capacity
All fittings included and are aluminum not plastic or brass like others on the market
1/2 inch NPT inlet/outlet size
Outlet has screen welded onto it so you can add ice into system
3/8 inch NPT bung for the aluminum ball valve to allow fast and easy draining
Drain hose to route to the bottom of the vehicle to allow for a clean, hassle free draining of the tank
Tig welded
Made out of 6061 grade aluminum
Billet fill cap with course threads and an O-ring seal to allow for fast fills and no leakage
Detailed instructions with pictures
Available in black textured powder coat that matches factory plastics or natural finish
Biggest tank available on the market
Installs between the strut tower brace and the firewall on the passenger side of the engine