BMR F-Body Tubular Front End Kit


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BMR F-Body Tubular Front End Kit

1998-2002 F-bodies are known for being a great chassis to start with when building a street/strip car or even an all out race car! For starters, there is a tremendous amount of aftermarket support everything from fiberglass dashes/ body parts to forced induction and nitrous kits. However, with the right suspension set up it does not take a lot of power to make an F-body go fast. We have seen a cam only LS1 6-speed Camaro run 10.80’s in the 1/4 mile with the right suspension set up. If you want to take the first step in making a fast F-body, this tubular suspension kit from BMR is for you. Combine this when a set of adjustable coilovers and you will be well on your way to dead hooking a lot of torque at the track or on the street!   

Kit Includes:

Tubular K-member(KM003)

Tubular Lower A-arms(AA002)

Control arm hardware kit RH011(Includes upper and lower control arm hardware) or RH013 (Includes lower control arm hardware)(Highly Recommended) also available.

Save over $60 when compared to buying the K-member and control arms separately!

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Front control arm, upper and lower (+$26), Front control arm, lower only (+$16), No thanks