Creative Steel 04-07 CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings


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Product Description

After thousands of miles driven on these cars, the suspension bushings tend to wear out, crack and fail. This will cause clunking, squeaking, or even alignment issues. People who push their cars to the limits also notice the obscene amount of deflection in the OEM rubber bushings. Our CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings completely replace the OEM bushings with a high quality polyurethane that will stand up to the constant strain whether daily driven or auto-crossed.

The mounting ears on these bushings are also very small and bent toward the bushing just at the bolt location; furthermore, the ears are notched for alignment purposes. With all these factors, the ears may not be giving full support to the bushings as needed and/or will dig into the polyurethane bushing as it is articulating through its motions. We have aided this by adding stainless steel plates that will spread the surface area of the ear over the entire bushing, giving a flat, smooth surface for the bushing to glide on.

Creative Steel prides itself on making our bushings the best way possible for the customer. No one likes squeaky bushings, and no one wants to get under the car and pull parts off to re-grease them. With our design, you are able to grease these bushings while they are still installed on the car with a few pumps of a grease gun.

NOTE: The stock OEM bushings have torsional resistance because the metal insert is molded to the rubber; our bushings allow the metal insert to spin freely. If you are running aftermarket springs/shocks, you may need to adjust them for this factor.

We offer two different hardness’s of urethane for these bushings:

Daily Driver/Street: For those who want to replace the factory bushings with something stronger that will maintain the noise and vibration feel of OEM.

Race: For those who use their vehicle at the drag strip or autocross and/or don’t mind the added noise/vibrations.

With the design of the front, lower control arm, the two bushings act differently in acceleration/braking of the vehicle. As the location of the wheel moves forward or backward relative to acceleration/braking, the front (large) bushing is put in a push/pull motion. We have designed this bushing to use the largest insert possible to spread the surface area of urethane used. The rear (small) bushing is put in push/pull but also acts more like a pivot. We have added more support to the smaller bushing by doubling the affected surface area out past the arm using steel plates.

The front, upper control arm bushings are there to keep the camber settings through the rise and fall of the wheel. If the car is driven hard, the OEM bushings can deflect causing inconsistent driving conditions.

The rear, upper control arm bushings are there to keep the camber settings through the rise and fall of the wheel, as well as to help keep the wheel centered. If the stock bushings are bad, you will notice the arm is pushed towards the rear of the car and not centered on the bushings.

Additional information

Bushing location

Front upper CAB (4), Front lower CAB (4), Front upper & lower (8), Rear upper CAB (4), FULL SET (12)

Bushing hardness

Daily Driver, Race