Creative Steel 04 – 07 CTS-V Wide Wheel Trailing Arms Newest Style


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04-07 CTS-V Wide Wheel Trailing Arms

Our Wide Wheel Trailing Arms will allow a wider wheel and tire combination than the factory installed trailing arms. If you wish to add wider tires and wheels to the rear of your CTS or CTS-V, the factory trailing arms are the first point of interference. These arms solve this interference issue. The factory installed wheels on a CTS-V are 8.5″ wide; these arms will allow you to put at least a 9.5″ wide wheel and 11″ wide tire under the car before other obstacles come in to play. With factory sized shocks, the next interference issues will be the shock and the frame of the vehicle.

Since there are many variables that will determine what size of tire and wheel will fit on any given car, (IE: is the car lowered, does the car have coil overs or stock style shocks, what type of bushings are supporting the rest of the suspension components and how the vehicle is driven) we can’t give specific wheel and tire sizes recommendations. If you are thinking about wider wheels in the future, the safest way to proceed is to install a set of these arms on your car, then take your measurements to see what size of tire, wheel and offset will fit your specific application. Most people want to push the limit to the widest combination possible. Please do your homework, the last thing you need is to have a set of wheels made that don’t fit because you wanted to squeeze in that last 1/4″ of width. Wheel spacers might help, but you don’t want the tires rubbing the wheel wells either.

Grease-able bushings for hub connection additional purchase.

Will fit stock height and lowered cars.

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