Creative Steel STS – STS-V Differential Bushing Block



Product Description

As you may know the infamous “clunk” that comes from the rear of our cars when the clutch is pushed in at slow speeds is caused primarily by a failed bushing the front of the rear differential.

The reason for the failure of these bushings is that the OEM bushing material is very soft and this bushing is under tremendous load when the vehicle is under acceleration. This Block was developed to assist the differential bushing in supporting the front of the differential at this time.

This Polyurethane STS – STS-V Differential Bushing Block is formed to fill the void in the sub frame above the differential bushing. When installed, the Diff Block and the differential bushing work together to hold the differential in it’s correct position during hard acceleration and prolongs the life of differential bushing. Installation is very simple, no tools are required if installed during a differential bushing replacement.

Once the differential is dropped down to replace the differential bushing, this Block is simply pushed up in to the cavity in the sub-frame above the differential bushing, that’s it, reinstall the differential, the Block is now captured in position.