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Our CTS-V Subframe / cradle bushings completely replace the OEM rubber bushings. The OEM bushings are very soft which make them ideal for isolating vibrations and road noise. They were installed by the factory to make your Cadillac drive and feel like a Cadillac. As designed, the OEM bushings control side-to-side movement of the cradle (the “cradle” is what all of the rear suspension components connect to, then the cradle is bolted to the body of the car) when the car is going around corners but have air gaps fore and aft. These air gaps allow the four bushings to deflect under hard acceleration, in turn adding the existence of wheel hop.

Our bushings are made out of a durable, long-lasting polyurethane that are designed with performance in mind. Our bushings are stiffer than the OEM units and have no air gaps which diminishes deflection even further under load . To add even more structure to the polyurethane, we have imbedded a metal ring inside the bushings. This ring prevents the tube on the cradle that the bushings press into from cutting into the polyurethane under high loads causing premature failure, as well as spreading the load of the thin wall tube across a larger surface area giving the bushing more structure. Our bushing kit also comes with thicker safety washers that don’t bend like the originals, and they also spread out the bottom bushing over more area than the factory washer.

We are now selling two different hardness’ of urethane for these bushings:

Daily Driver/Street: For those who want to replace the factory bushings with something stronger that will hold up to the power of the V8, but still want to maintain the noise and vibration feel of OEM.

Race: For those who use their vehicle at the drag strip or autocross and/or don’t mind the added noise/vibrations.

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