ECS Trans / Rear Brace




Why would you want or need a ECS Trans / Rear Brace?

Ever launch your Corvette hard, and it feels like the wheels are hopping? That wheel hop is actually the Drive line of your Corvette Shaking. In the C5 and C6 Corvette the transmission essentially “floats” in the driveline. It is not mounted to the chassis whatsoever. The Engine is mounted to the front cradle via the engine mounts and the rear end to the rear chassis. Both Factory mounts are rubber, and allow a certain amount of movement – especially under hard launches. This movement is felt, and usually explained as wheel hop and it can do some serious damage to your car!

So what does a ECS Trans Brace Do?

The ECS Trans / Rear Brace gives added rigidity to the entire driveline by tying the trans and rear together as a complete, more rigid unit. The ECS Trans Brace is made from top quality materials. Front and rear mounts are fabricated from laser coated, zinc coated steel with stainless steel hardware and aluminum tension rods to ensure a long lasting, rust free finish. The tension rods are turned from billet aluminum with high quality stainless steel heim joints with stainless steel hardware. The aluminum rod design provides increased strength, with heat expansion principles that match that of the aluminum transmission and differential.

The entire kit is easily installed or removed while using a lift or jack stands while the driveline is in the car. Lowering of the sub-frame is necessary for easier access to the M6/M12/A4 transmission brackets and is designed to be a true, bolt-on installation kit that can be installed in a few hours using regular, commonly found metric/SAE hand tools. There is also no driveline vibration/noise resonated into the passenger compartment/cabin of any kind and interior sound levels are unaffected by the brace.