LPS Alphaloc Coupler 4.0″



Our new AlphaLoc intercooler and coolant tube couplers. At Linder Power Systems we believe in thinking outside the box and constantly reinventing ourselves and our products. These new AlphaLoc couplers for your aluminium tube connecting needs are no different, they are unlike anything currently available on the market. They are a spring loaded assembly with a fast thread and locking detent, they use double o-ring sealing, don’t need any tools to disassemble or reassemble, they can’t get stuck, they lock harder as pressure increases, they still have flex to allow for engine movement, we have tested them to 160psi without failure, and we are very proud of the design and aesthetics. Available now in 2″, 2.5″,3″, 3.5″ and 4″


Note: When fabricating a system with AlphaLoc couplers make sure they will not be put in a mechanical load by movement of components. Also take care to not overheat and anneal the ferrules with the pins in them. We recommend welding about an inch and letting cool then repeat. If the ferrules are annealed the pins can elongate their holes and the couplers can leak or fail.