Nitrous Outlet C5 Corvette Dual Nitrous Bottle Bracket Mounting Plate


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  • C5 Corvette Specific. These mounting plates are designed to be installed under the carpet in the hatch area of the C5. The mounting bracket will mount flush with removable 5/16in studs that extrude from the plate so that the bottle bracket can be removed from the vehicle with no sign of any mounting plate or bracket.
  • Application. This mounting plate will only fit the 1997-2004 C5 and ZO6 Corvette’s front hatch area, under the carpet. The notch in the plate fits over the hump in the floor board against the seat.
  • Supported Brackets. Nitrous Outlet heated bottle brackets x2, Nitrous Outlet standard bottle brackets x2, and Nitrous Outlet X Series adjustable brackets x2

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