Nitrous Outlet CTS-V 90mm FAST Intake Plate Kit 2006-2007


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If you own a first generation CTS-V you know how limited options are for bolt-on power adders. There are zero bolt on turbo kits, some have made corvette procharger kits work but the cost is very high. MP112 supercharger kits exist and LSA blowers can be bolted on but those set ups are $3,000 minimum. This is what makes Nitrous Outlet bolt on plate kits so attractive to V owners. Simply upgrade the fuel pump, make sure to get supporting accessories for your kit and boom, roughly 200 horse power.


  • Flow Up To 400HP. this system comes out of the box with everything you need to spray 200HP but can spray up to 400HP with additional jetting.
  • Superior Atomization. This injection plate has 6 specially designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that completely saturate the air intake charge with the best atomized mixture possible. For higher horsepower levels proper distribution into the air stream is critical for even cylinder to cylinder distribution.
  • Wet Nitrous Plate. This system includes a billet aluminum plate to fit 90mm LS2 intakes and is capable of flowing up to 400 HP of nitrous. Each billet plate has a black anodized finish with CNC engraved logo and fuel/nitrous labels.
  • Vehicle Specific. This system is designed specifically for the 06-07 LS2 CTS-V using the stock 90mm LS2 intake manifold and features custom solenoid brackets and prefabricated hard-lines.
  • Complete System. This system includes all of the necessary components billet aluminum nitrous plate, 50-100-150-200 HP jetting, hardware, and wiring to properly install a wet nitrous system on your vehicle.
  • Wide Open Throttle Activation. This system includes a wide open throttle (WOT) switch that only allows the system to be activated when the motor is at full throttle. This safety feature will help prevent engine damage and lean spikes.
  • Application. This system is specifically designed to fit stock 06-07 LS2 CTS-V 90mm Intake.

Additional Information

Number of StagesSingle Stage
Max Flow (Per Stage)400
Number of Solenoids2
Nitrous Solenoid Size.122 Orifice
Fuel Solenoid Size.187 Orifice
Relay and Harness Included?Yes
Fuel Adapter Fitting Included?No (Not needed for this application)
Included Jetting (in Horsepower)50-100-150-200
Fuel Pressure45-55 PSI
Single Or Dual StageN/A
Type Of Fuel RailStock Fuel Rails
Solenoid Bracket(s)Vehicle Specific
Main Feed Line Size6AN
Hard or Soft Line (From Solenoids)Hard Line
Vehicle MakeGM
Vehicle ModelCTS-V
Vehicle Year2006, 2007

Additional information

Bottle Size

10lb, 15lb

Purge Kit

X-Series, Nitrous Outlet

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