Nitrous Outlet Heated Vertical Dual Billet Aluminum Bottle Bracket




  • Machined 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Heated Base
  • Manifold
  • Bottle Pressure Switch
  • Holds two 10lb and 15lb nitrous bottles
  • Holds Bottles Vertically
  • Quick Release Knobs
  • Rubber Insulators
  • Bottles Not Included


Show Quality Finish If you are looking for a show quality nitrous install a billet bottle bracket will give your system the perfect finishing touch.
Concise Bottle Pressure. The billet bottle brackets hold the bottle securely to the heating element to insure proper heat transfer. Bottle pressure is key in a well performing nitrous system, and helps keep a consistent flow of nitrous pass after pass.
Quick Release. You can quickly disconnect your bottle from this bracket heater combo with the quick release clamps to make refilling and changing bottles fast and easy.
Accessories. This heated bracket comes with everything required for installation; all wiring, electrical, hardware, manifold and bottle pressure switch.
Application This heated billet bottle bracket will hold two of any brand 10lb or 15lb nitrous bottles and can be installed in any make. model, or year vehicle with any brand nitrous system. This bracket holds the nitrous bottle upside down, eliminating the need for a siphon tube.

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4AN, 6AN