OKW 6 Rib LSA KIT 04-07 CTS-V

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LSA take off superchargers have become wildly popular with all LS powered cars and trucks due to their high horse power for dollar ratio. However, simply bolting on this supercharger is easier said than done when you start taking into account the little things that go into making a functioning boosted set up. The first and main issue to tackle when putting the LSA on a V1 is deciding what belt routing you want to go with. One choice you have is the Olson Kustom Works kit that allows you to use your stock accessory drive 6 rib system. This kit comes with everything you will need for your belt routing besides the belt. OKW has instructions on their website on how to measure for the correct belt length once everything is installed. This kit comes with a pre-machined snout and a 2.45″ upper pulley. This exact set up was used on the infamous “Leeroy” C5 LSA corvette that made 700 whp with no belt slip. For your average, 600whp, stock bottom end car this kit is perfect.


**Must send stock, un-modified snout for core. Pre-machined snout will be shipped out.