PaceSetter Long Tube Headers CTS-V, 5.7L/6.0L, Pair 70-2272


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Brand:PaceSetter Performance

Manufacturer’s Part Number:70-2272

Part Type:Headers

Product Line:PaceSetter Long Tube Headers


Header Style:Long tube

Header Material:Steel

Header Finish:Temporary non-high temperature paint


Primary Tube Outside Diameter (in):1 3/4 in.

Flange Style:Standard

Collector Attachment:Slip fit

Collector Diameter:3.000 in.

Collector Reducers Included:No


Primary Tube Gauge:16-gauge

Flange Thickness (in):3/8 in.

Bolts/Studs Included:Yes

Gaskets Included:Yes

Crossover Pipe Included:No

Catalytic Converter(s) Included:No

Motor Mounts Included:No

Transmission Mount Included:No

Quantity:Sold as a pair.

Notes:The paint applied to these headers is a temporary coating only and is designed to burn off during use. High temperature paint or other high temperature coatings are recommended.

PaceSetter Long Tube headers are as good as you can get for off-road use for your car or truck. Unless otherwise noted, these full-length headers are designed to fit the vehicle as it came from the manufacturer. This includes components like cylinder heads, chassis, steering, motor mounts, body mounts and bushings, etc. If your vehicle is using aftermarket components, parts from other applications, or custom-altered parts, then it is the installer’s responsibility to verify fitment. Order the model designed for your vehicle and engine application.

Features include:

* Manufactured using flash-controlled, 16-gauge (.060 in. wall thickness) carbon steel tubing
* Smooth mandrel bends ensure high exhaust flow rates
* Steel head flanges are quality-manufactured to ensure a precise fit
* Welded O-ring port seals are milled flat for a leak-free installation
* Collector design provides a smooth transition to your exhaust system
* Available with standard black paint finish or ARMOR Coat, PaceSetter’s polished 2,000 degree F metallic-ceramic coating
* Some models are silver ceramic coated for looks and longevity

(Special warning regarding PaceSetter painted headers only: The paint on these headers is not designed as a final finish; it is designed to protect the headers after the manufacturing process and during shipping. This paint will not withstand the high heat associated with engine break-in, nor will it withstand the heat cycles associated with any type of driving. It is recommended that this protective coating be stripped, and a high-heat paint or coating designed for use on headers be applied.)