QTP Dual 4” Electric Valves, Wiring and 1 Toggle Switch Fits 4” Exhaust Cutouts


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With Quick Time electric cutouts, you can have the best of both worlds–they’re quiet for the street and wide-open for the strip. These electrically controlled exhaust valves bolt to standard cutouts and can be opened and closed from inside of the car with the flip of a switch. Using the convenient interior-mounted switch, you can go from stealth-quiet to wide-open power. You control the volume and the flow. Quick Time exhaust cutouts fit any car or truck, from old-school musclecars to high-tech imports. FEATURES: * CNC 6061 aircraft aluminum bodies * Stainless steel butterfly plate * Stainless steel shaft * 6061 aircraft aluminum motor plate * High-torque DC gear-driven motor * Gears made from high-temperature steel for long life * Custom toggle switch * Mini weathertight connectors for superior sealing * Socket head cap screws for proper fastening