Snow Performance Stage II MAF Boost Cooler N/A and F/I Water/Methanol Injection Kit


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Water Injection. Water injection, also known as methanol injection, is the method of cooling the combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine by adding a fine spray of a water/methanol mix to the incoming air-fuel mixture. This not only reduces the intake temperature, but also increases the octane rating of the fuel allowing for greater ignition timing for more horsepower and torque.

MAF Triggered. The Stage 2 system uses the 0 to 5 Volt output signal from the Mass Air Flow sensor aka “MAF” (on fuel injected Mustangs) to inject a fixed amount of fluid (49% methanol, 51% water) through the nozzle cooling the engine and boosting octane.

Complete Kit. The Stage 2 Boost Cooler kit includes a UHO (Ultra High Ouput) Pump, 3 Quart Reservoir, Variable Controller, 2 Nozzles all the required hardware needed for installation and comprehensive instructions.

Application. This Snow Performance Stage 2 MAF Boost Cooler Kit is designed for use on both naturally aspirated or force inducted Mustangs equipped with a MAF controlled fuel injected engine from 1987 to 2010.

Technical Note. Fluid is not included.