Snow Performance Stage III Corvette Water/Methanol Injection Kit


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The Stage 3 Corvette (C6) system will work with any ’05+ Corvette, naturally aspirated or forced induction.

The heart of the system is the Stage 3 controller, which allows on-the-fly adjustments from the driver’s seat. It displays boost and EFI information along with water/methanol injection levels moment by moment.

Of course, the entire system can be dialed in quickly and easily by the driver using our included tuning guide. No need for a laptop computer, and no need for a computer programmer either. Some simple settings and you are on your way to race gas levels of octane and excellent cooling.

The mechanical system also features the new UHO pump, with it’s design features exclusive to Snow Performance systems.
• UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
• Stage 3 LCD Screen Controller
• Two nozzle sizes to cover a wide range of power levels
• 3 qt reservoir and bulkhead fitting to tap into stock windshield reservoir