Treadstone TR11 Intercooler 560HP



Latest release to the Treadstone intercooler line up is the TR11 intercooler. Perfect size intercooler for many turbocharged applications on 4cyl’s under 600hp. Only 3″ thick compared to our standard 3.5″.This intercooler features a divided inlet to help route air to the top of the intercooler, eliminating heat soak at the bottom of the intercooler, and dispersing the air more efficiently.

Treadstone Intercooler features superb quality highly efficient bar and plate construction. Our quality cast end tanks ensure evenly distributed airflow and low-pressure drop. Our intercoolers are pressure checked to 150psi and come with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defect. Our internal fin structure features high heat-dissipating internal fin design with our medium dense fin structure. The external fins are louvered, standard among all of our intercoolers.

  • Core Size, 11″ X 21.5″ X 3″
  • Overall length 28.5″
  • 2.5″ inlet/outlet
  • Features a divided Inlet plate
  • 860 CFM flow rate
  • 560 HP efficient
  • Less than 1.5 psi pressure drop