Trick Flow Specialties TFS-3271B003-C01 – Trick Flow® GenX® 260 Cylinder Heads for GM LS7


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Cylinder Head Style:Bare

Cylinder Head Material:Aluminum

Cylinder Head Finish:Natural

Combustion Chamber Volume (cc):70

CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber:Yes

Intake Runner Volume (cc):260cc

Exhaust Runner Volume (cc):87cc

CNC-Machined Intake Runner:Yes

CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner:Yes

Combustion Chamber Style:Heart

Intake Port Shape:Square

Intake Port Location:Standard

Exhaust Port Shape:Oval

Exhaust Port Location:Standard

Spark Plug Style:Angle

Intake Valves Included:No

Intake Valve Diameter (in):2.200 in.

Exhaust Valves Included:No

Exhaust Valve Diameter (in):1.600 in.

Valve Springs Included:No

Damper Spring Included:No

Retainers Included:No

Locks Included:No

Valve Stem Seals Included:No

Rocker Arm Studs Included:No

Rocker Arms Included:No

Rocker Arm Nuts Included:No

Guideplates Included:No

Valve Cover Mounting Style:Centerbolt

Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled:Yes

Intake Valve Angle:12

Exhaust Valve Angle:12

Valve Guides Included:Yes

Valve Guide Material:Powdered metal

Valve Seats Machined:Yes

Valve Seat Machine Style:3-angle

Valve Seat Material:Ductile iron

Steam Holes Drilled:No

Oiling Style:Through pushrod

Machined for O-Ring:No

Heat Crossover:No

Quantity:Sold individually.

Notes:This cylinder head does not include rocker arm rail mounts.

GenX® 260 square port LS7 aluminum cylinder heads from Trick Flow® are the best choice for your LS-based performance build for several reasons. The A356-T6 aluminum castings feature more material for increased rigidity and strength. Factory LS7 port locations, valve angles, and valve locations have been maintained to work with existing intakes and pistons. One-piece modular, 2024-T4 billet aluminum rocker arm mounts enhance valvetrain stability and are removable for shaft rocker setups. High flow, high velocity CNC Competition Ported runners with the premium high resolution surface finish provide all-out air flow and performance throughout the entire powerband. Plus there’s clearance for 3/8″ pushrods and through-deck coolant holes that fit all GM LS gasket and block combinations, Trick-Alloy powdered-metal valve guides, and solid stem valves. Fully assembled heads also include Trick Flow® by PAC Racing Pacaloy™ valve springs, steel or titanium spring retainers, die forged steel valve locks, and stainless steel valves.