Twin Turbo Manifold Downpipe For 04-06 Pontiac GTO Holden Monaro LS1 LS2




Twin Turbo + Manifold + Downpipe For 04-06 Pontiac GTO LS1 LS2

Twin T4 GT35 Turbo, Support 900-1000 WHP

This Kit is Developed from A 2004 GTO Chassis, Fits Stock Chassis with Only Few Modifications.

For RHD Holden Monaro, We Have Not Tested, But the Only Potential Issue Is the Right Side Downpipe Might Hit Steering Shaft. We’ve Considered This and Made the Downpipe As Much Possible to Avoid Fitment Problem.

Few Parts Need to Relocate Or Modify:
1. Battery Needs to Be Relocated to Back Trunk (Not Included, Can be Purchased Separately)
2. Coolant Reservoir Needs to Be Replaced with Smaller Tank (Included)
3. Left Side Behind Headlight Area Needs to Be Trimmed Slight to Fit Turbo Air Filter

1. This Kit Is For Turbo Hardware Kit ONLY. Fuel System Needs to Be Upgraded to Support the Boosted Application.
2. Stock LSx Motor Only Supports Around 400 WHP, Motor Internals Need to Be Upgraded to Support Bigger Power.
3. This Kit Is Designed for Advanced Users Who Know How to Install and Configure a Turbo. Off-Road Use ONLY.
4. Intercooler Kit is NOT Included. We Offer It Separately, Please Check Our Other Website Listing.

– Chassis: 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO
– Motor: LS1, LS2

Product Being Sold:
– T4 GT35 Turbo x2
– 46mm Wastegate x2
– Headers (2 Pcs)
– Downpipe
– Oil Line Kit

This is CXRacing’s Newest Products for the Application Stated Above. All Parts Are Developed from Ground Up in Our R&D Center in USA, Designed and Built for Improved Performance Gains, with Excellent Fitment and Easy Installation.

Product Info and Spec:

Turbo and Wastegate:
– T4 GT35 Twin Turbo
– 4″ Air Inlet, 2.5″ Compressed Air Outlet
– 3″ Vband Exhaust Outlet
– Journal Bearing
– Oil and Water Cooled
– .70 A/R Compressor , .68 A/R Turbine for Fast Spool
– Dual 46mm Wastegate 8 PSI

– 1.65″ OD Runners
– Uses T4-To-3″Vband Stainless Elbow, Offers Better Fitment Flexibility
– Fits Factory Accessories, AC ETC.

– 2.5″ Enlarge to 3″ Downpipe
– Downpipes Are Made Based on the Chassis We Had, They Are Built to Connect to the Appears Catback Position. See Pictures.

– Off Road or Track Use ONLY, NOT for Street Use.
– Due to the Complexity of Swapping a Motor to Different Chassis, Please Make Sure that You Understand the Application Stated Here are the Right Parts for Your Project.
– Parts Being Sold are the Kit Being Advertised ONLY. Other Parts Shown on Pictures are for Demo Only (of Our Complete Swap Kit). Check Our Other Website Listings.

– Especially Designed, Made for the Application Stated.
– Fully Tested, Simple Easy Installation.
– Offers Excellent Performance Gains.
– One of the Best Kits on the Market, with High Quality Products and Affordable Pricing.